PFAS in Air: What Do We Know?




April 23, 2024 | 1:00 pm Eastern

PFAS are a group of more than 5,000 man-made chemicals that are resistant to heat, water and oil. They are used in an extensive array of manufacturing processes and are found in a wide-ranging variety of products, textiles and carpeting. These chemicals have been found to be ubiquitous, persistent and potentially toxic.

The presence of PFAS in surface soils, surface water and groundwater is often attributable to atmospheric transport from stationary sources in combination with wet and dry deposition processes. PFAS are also commonly found in indoor air, including both commercial/industrial and residential properties where these compounds are found in many synthetically manufactured products.

This webinar will address many facets of PFAS in air and will specifically cover the following:

  • Federal and state PFAS regulatory overview in relation to air
  • Current air standards for PFAS
  • PFAS atmospheric fate and transport
  • Sources of PFAS in indoor air
  • Sampling and analysis methods for stationary sources, ambient air and indoor air
  • Challenges with OTM-45 sampling
  • Concentrations of PFAS typically present in ambient and indoor air environments

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