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Frequently changing regulatory requirements can impact your power engineering, design and compliance related processes in both the near and long term.

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The electricity industry is in a state of constant change. The transition to renewable generating systems means a steady stream of new state and federal regulations, which can be hard for utilities to keep up with. 

TRC’s monthly NERC Compliance Regulatory Updates helps you understand evolving energy rules and standards, adapt to change and maintain the safety and reliability of your systems and equipment. 

Topics include: 
•    Power system reliability and disturbance event mitigation
•    Facility ratings compliance
•    Protection and controls
•    Maintenance 
•    Mandatory testing
•    Physical and cyber security

Curated by TRC's utility experts who have a deep knowledge of how to address challenges posed by these new regulations, our updates make it easy to understand how to adapt to the complex demands of the energy transition.

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